Investigations économiques, Genève
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High quality reports and investigations

Compliances and risk management services

The Verific Services ethical chart

The VERIFIC SERVICES management and each employee or Consultant are strictly abiding to the Swiss and international laws in every action and particularly during the ground researches and inquiries.

We especially insist on the seven following rules:

  • VERIFIC SERVICES provides high quality reports with professionalism and full confidentiality.
  • VERIFIC SERVICES forbids every conflict of interest and keeps its right to decline a mission which could be against its Ethics.
  • VERIFIC SERVICES is an employer who banishes any discrimination and requires a real equality of treatment among his workers and close partners.
  • Every mission is preceded by a confidential service offer to the Client, which precisely details the scope and outcomes of the mission, as well as the precise costs and report delivery timing.
  • The Client’s name is strictly kept confidential during all the business relationship extent and at least through the next ten years following its end.
  • Every employee or Consultant from VERIFIC SERVICES always intervenes within a strictly defined legal framework and a precise mission scope.
  • All employees and Consultants from VERIFIC SERVICES will reject any action or behaviour which could harm their company, business-partner, or the Clients, in the case their names would be known.